Storm21 RRA Forms Management Software

Storm21 RRA Forms Management Software was introduced at the 30th Annual Mid Pacific Region Water Users Conference in 1996. Storm21 is a database application that prints complete Bureau of Reclamation forms. Storm21 makes reclamation forms easy to prepare and even easier to update. Click here to view pricing or order Storm21 online...

Who is Storm21 Suitable For?

  • Water districts preparing forms as a service for their growers
  • Attorneys or other consultants preparing landholder RRA forms for clients
  • Growers with large landholdings or complex entity structures who prepare their forms in-house

Time Saving

  • You can stop calculating, typing, and retyping RRA forms. Storm21 allows you to enter and review your work before printing forms that look just like the preprinted RRA forms. The forms will take much less time to review because Storm21 produces neat and clean forms.
  • Storm21 keeps the information you enter "on file." Once you enter landholders, entities, land, and districts, it allows you to define relationships among these. You won't have to reenter information. All information is stored on the computer so these relationships can easily be modified as they change. You only need to enter changes and then print out the forms to reflect these changes.
  • Storm21 does the math for you. It allows for the "double-counting" information within leases and even calculates the complex indirect landholding. Once you have created the direct ownership links, Storm21 distributes and calculates the indirect holdings by district. All calculations are done automatically.

Easy to Use

  • Storm21 is simple to use. It hides the complexity of the forms. You won't need a thick instruction manual to use the software. Tutorials and a context-sensitive help file are available to help you get started.
  • Storm21 uses datasets to store information. This allows you to flexibly work with different entities, years, and sample data. You can save data as a prototype and use Storm21 to project the results of a land purchase or sale.
  • It allows you to enter Full Cost and Excess Land information while you are defining relationships between landholder and land. Multi-district reporting is particularly easy with Storm21. Enter the information once and Storm21 automatically tabulates your landholdings by district.


  • CVSS releases new versions of Storm21 each year after form changes are finalized by the Bureau of Reclamation. We also periodically release program updates throughout the year with enhancements or bug fixes as necessary. Storm21 can automatically check for and download updates via the internet.


We have provided water users and districts with software that makes reporting reclamation information easier and more efficient. Here is an outline of all that STORM21 has to offer you.



  • Double-count Adjustments
  • Indirectly Leased and Owned Land
  • Allows for multiple datasets
  • Ability to archive datasets
  • The ability to preview forms before they are printed
  • Adding and Editing-on-the-fly
  • Simple data consistency checks
  • Help Manual for easy troubleshooting and operation


STORM21 prints these forms:

  • 7-2180, 7-2190, 7-2181, 7-2191, 7-2184, 7-2194, 7-21TRUST, 7-21XS, 7-21FC, 7-21VERIFY, 7-21FARMOP
  • 7-21PE (for entities where land is not used for other purposes in box 16)

Due to low demand, Storm21 does not currently print these forms:

  • 7-2180EZ, 7-2190EZ