Storm21 Summary

STORM21 Summary is software designed to help federal water districts prepare the Summary RRA forms. It provides a simple and efficient way for district staff to track summary RRA information, landholder forms submitted, and to print the 7-21SUMM-C and 7-21SUMM-R forms.

Storm21 Summary is built to operate either as a standalone product or in tandem with Storm21. If you are using Storm21 to prepare forms for landholders in your district, you can import the summary data directly from your Storm21 dataset to Storm21 Summary. Click here to view pricing or order Storm21 Summary online...


  • Prints forms 7-21SUMM-C, 7-21SUMM-R, and Tabulations A-G
  • Simple tabbed view interface, entity information edited directly on data grids
  • View summary forms at any time by simply clicking a tab index
  • Easily sort, filter, or group landholder records
  • Undo function to step back through recent changes
  • Easily copy and paste entities and landholding data between Storm21 Summary and a spreadsheet


Data entry for direct landholders:

Form Preview: