Storm Billing Modules

Assessment Billing Screen

Water Usage Billing

  • Bills water users for deliveries within a specified time range.
  • Reports include Batch reports, Open Water Items, Water Usage and Billing Summary, and Statements

Land Based Billing (Assessment Billing, Standby, Water)

  • Bills landowner according to billing codes linked to their parcel (s) along with parcel acreage.
  • Bills by parcel or account in either two up to twelve.
  • Allows user to group assessment billing rate codes by a user-defined category and bill according to that category. This makes it very easy to do billings at different times of the year (i.e., assessments vs. stand-by billings)
  • Allows user to quickly and comprehensively view assessment information through Quick Parcel View screen while on the phone with customers
  • Reports include Batch reports, Open Assessment Items, Parcel Delinquency, and Statements
Quick Parcel View displays assessment information with easy access to Name and Parcel screens

Loan Billing

  • Bills for loans and notes receivable
  • Tracks unbilled principal, open principal, and open interest amounts
  • Reports include Batch report and list Loans reports

Allocation Billing

  • Bills landowner/land user for selected allocations
  • Reports include Batch report and Statements