Storm Product Features

Recognizing that districts operate in many different ways, Storm has been designed to be versatile enough to fit the many ways of doing business. Storm offers high level flexibility in that you are able to configure many of the features in Storm to specifically fit your district?s needs. The following points are just a few ways that Storm helps make the work you do a little easier.


  • Allows user to easily sort and move columns within information views. This allows you see the information in ways that is most helpful to your district
  • Offers Cut, Copy, and Paste capabilities
  • Gives both mouse and keyboard access to most functions
  • Navigation buttons put the most common STORM functions only a mouse click away. Navigation bar includes functions such as First, Previous, Next, and Last record, Add record, Delete record, Save record, Cancel changes, Close Window, Calculator, Refresh, and Print Form
  • Shortcut keys provide easy navigation for those users more comfortable with the keyboard
  • Saves time in data entry by linking parcel, name, turnout and billing code records. For example, if a parcel changes ownership, you only need to change the parcel-name link rather than changing parcel, name, and A/R records
  • Uses Begin and End dates for all links to allow changes without losing historical information


  • Offers screen-by-screen security. The water department may not need or want to see accounting screens. You have the option of hiding any menu item on a user by user basis. When the user logs on to the program, only those screens applicable to them will be available on the menu
  • An unlimited number of user-defined codes may be linked to parcels, names, and turnouts for custom reporting purposes
  • Look-ups with user-defined possible values help make STORM look and act like it was made just for your district
  • Your district may choose to hide, show or require various Water Order and Water Delivery data entry fields
  • Your district may set default water order and delivery times


  • Uses 32-bit client-server technology
  • Stores information in a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Operates on Windows 98se, Me, NT, 2000, XP
  • Reporting functions use Business Objects Crystal Reports