Storm Product Overview

  1. What is STORM?

    Storm is an accounting and management software package for agricultural water and irrigation districts.

  2. Is STORM easy to use?

    Storm has been designed to hide the complexity of your district. When appropriate, Storm uses automated processes to save the user time, effort, and the possibility of error. Storm also uses standard Windows operations and looks like standard Windows applications. This is especially beneficial for those users who are familiar with Windows since they quickly become comfortable navigating within the program.

  3. Can I trust STORM to be reliable?

    Storm is a Windows client-server application that runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10. The program stores data information in a Microsoft SQL server database, which is known for its reliability. This means Storm not only looks great; it is also dependable and fully compliant with recognized application standards.

  4. What makes STORM special?

    Storm was created through a partnership with several districts. We operate as the managers of a cooperative with everyone benefiting from others' investments. Several districts have already contributed to Storm through their enhancements. When a district requests an enhancement, we obtain input from others to test its general appeal. When appropriate, we make enhancements standard and useable for other Storm users. If you want something, chances are that someone else does too.

  5. Why should I choose CVSS?

    When you buy Storm, you also receive the benefits of CVSS' experience with water districts. You will save time and money by working with a company that can quickly grasp the specifics of your district. CVSS staff have worked since 1996 to develop the Storm software to meet the specific needs of water and irrigation districts and also to develop the Storm21 Reclamation Forms software and Storm Summary district tabulation forms software. These related products increase our knowledge and help keep us in the forefront of what is happening in the water industry. Our goal is to know districts and provide them with the kind of software they need to run their organization. Storm customers in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, and Canada have helped us better understand the needs of the water industry.

  6. Will I receive adequate support after I purchase STORM?

    We are committed to taking care of our customers. We help make the change from your old system to Storm as smooth as possible. We are there for support when you need it. You will always receive friendly and professional service.

  7. Will STORM fit our budget?

    CVSS has worked hard to make Storm affordable yet flexible so it can change and grow with you. One way we do this is by selling Storm in modules. After purchasing the base system, you may choose as few or as many modules as your district needs. It is also easy to add modules as your district policies change.